About Lori

I came up with the idea of starting Lori's Links as I have been a "resource person" all of my life. For some reason, whether it be at work or at home, people have always called on me for referrals or information. I worked for several years in marketing and sales, human resources and in event planning. During my tenure in the pharma industry, I became very involved and had a special place in my heart for community and non-profit organizations. I was Chairwoman for three non-profit organizations in Montreal and as such, organized many fundraising events. While in the pharma industry and over the past several years in the Laurentians, I have met many professional contacts, friends and "links".

I moved to Ste. Anne des Lacs in 1985 and am very well connected to the Laurentian community and its people. I care very much about the quality of life of residents who reside in our beautiful area. I provide highly recommended and reliable service providers to people who require various services. I do not want to see anyone being taken advantage of, whether it be a conflict of price or quality of service.

I am a "community-driven" person and currently write for a Laurentian newspaper and for a Laval magazine. I have been a Director on the boards of many Laurentian non-profit organizations and have worked as a consultant for some of them as well.

I know through experience and through friendship with senior community members that they do not like to use the internet to seek assistance as it is unfamiliar to them. Also, they prefer not using yellow pages as they feel that these service providers are total "strangers". Our services also ensure that new residents "feel comfortable and at ease" knowing they only have to make "one call to do it all". Lori's Links will help them to feel "at home" easily and quickly. Services are provided to all residents who reside in the Lower Laurentian region.


Making Life Better in the Laurentians!