Testimonial 11

In March I faced 3 major high cost projects which had to be done before this summer. My previous history with this type of work was unsatisfactory. A high cost septic system completed without permits or supporting plans. A stove installation again without permits or necessary paperwork. Each time you try to get answers you run into a brick wall. The contractors get paid then ignore you.
Luckily this year I found out about Lori’s Links and everything changed. My badly worn roof was re-shingled last week on budget and with invoices. My artesian well project is set for July with the best well digger in the Laurentians, again with permits and invoices. Our destroyed lawn will be renewed. An old pump has been replaced ready for irrigation. Lori even got someone to clear our roofs of snow when it was impossible to find someone. The contractors she recommends have the same things in common. They talk to you, give fair appraisals and estimates, and come on time with needed paperwork. None of these projects had much of a chance without the assistance of Lori’s Links.

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